Monthly Archives: November 2012
God at the Resurrection Center

God bless everyone, God was at the Resurrection Center on Sunday.  You could feel His presence.    If you want to watch what you felt, here is the link Apostle Enrique Narvaez released his book ” Cuando Dios Te Llama”.  Here is a short video. “Radical: A True Life Story” by Pastor Jose Martinez […]

Apostle Enrique Narvaez today at 4:00

Join us today, Sunday, November 25 at 4:00 to meet our special guest Apostle Enrique Narvaez who will share the Word along with his wife Pastor Lourdes Narvaez.  You can find the Resurrection Center at 1597 Allen Street, Springfield, MA 01108 and don’t forget to bring friends and family. Here’s what you can expect in […]

Welcome Back !

Welcome back from a good Thanksgiving celebration. Do you want more excitement and celebration?   Of course you do ! Join us Sunday at 4PM for a powerful message. Don’t miss the message to give you answers and inspiration. We are at 1597 Allen Street, Springfield. The picture attached is Maria and I delivering the food […]

Happy Thanksgiving

From the Resurrection Center to your peaceful home with family and friends … All of us wish you to enjoy the warm feeling of family and friends this Thanksgiving.   All of us have a lot to be thankful for.  As said in 1st Corinthians 16:34  “Give thanks to the Lord because he is good.    […]

Did You Miss It? It Happened on Sunday, November 18

God bless you.  On November 18, 2012, the Resurrection Center had a special Open House event.    Apostle Enrique Narvaez and his wife Pastor Lourdes Cabrerara Narvaez came to Springfield, Massachusetts to visit the Resurrection Center. Sit down to watch this video so that you can pay close attention to the message from both videos.  After watching forward […]

Jessica shares love and feels at home.

After tonight’s miracle of service, some people left the church changed.   Jessica Sanchez asked that this message be shared with everyone. “ I would like to say that I love all of you..I feel at home when I’m around you all! I’m so happy I have a new family..and incredible pastors..this is where we belong […]

Huge Open House Event With Special Guests and Lots of Food

Today at 4PM there will be a huge open house event with special guests and lots of food. If you are looking for a positive exciting change to your life and improvement in everything you do, you will want to come. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity. Ignore distractoins and make plans to come. Invite all […]

Mission Accomplished – We Are Blessed

May God continue to bless the Resurrection Center.     The power and strength of emotion from the blessings received today is exhausting.   I start by saying “Mission accomplished”.   To everyone who contributed to the Food Drive, the Springfield Rescue Mission give true honest thanks to the entire Resurrection Center.  Because of your way of thinking of […]

Blessings For Springfield at Sunday’s Open House

Join us at our special event “Blessings For Springfield” this Sunday at 4PM.   On Sunday we have special guests to welcome and lots and lots of food.   You won’t want to miss out.  Remember, it’s this  Sunday at 4PM at 1597 Allen Street, Springfield, MA.    Come with an appetite and enjoy!    Get to know us […]

Why miss the fun? It’s this Sunday!

Of course we have a lot of FUN at the Resurrection Center.    Take a look at our web site updated just seconds ago.     Our home page now has slides of exciting pictures.  It‘s new and was just added moment ago!  You’ll see wedding ceremonies, dinner engagements, open house events, and so much more.    […]