Monthly Archives: November 2012
Seen in Springfield on November 11th at 1597 Allen Street

Good morning, You are receiving this email as guests of Pastors Jose and Melly Martinez from the Resurrection Center located at 1597 Allen Street, Springfield. Did we see you over the weekend? Here it is all on video: You are invited to come this Sunday, November 18 at 4PM for our Special Open House […]

Save A Smile Campaign (for Thanksgiving)

For Immediate Release Save A Smile Campaign The Resurrection Center of Springfield with a large team of volunteers has been doing a food drive supporting hungry children, women, and men of Springfield for Thanksgiving. It’s called the “Save A Smile Campaign” The Food Drive is running from November 4 through 11 and coordinated by a […]

Last Chance To Donate

This is our chance to put a smile on faces of families during Thanksgiving.    Our final push and the last day to bring food for the hungry and homeless is Sunday, November 11, 2012 at 4:00PM at 1597 Allen Street, Springfield, MA.  We are supporting the needs of hungry children, women, and men during Thanksgiving.    It’s […]

In Style & Making Fashion Statement

Not many churches are thought of as making a “Fashion” statement or considered “In Style”.    Yes, the Resurrection Center has a clothing line.    Yes, we are in fashion and in style.      Only minutes ago, much more was added for a total of 15 items.  And would you believe more is on the […]

T-Shirts for Resurrection Center

Hello all – T-Shirts for the Resurrection Center are now available for less than $12. They have our new logo. Go to our web site and select the Products page. You can pick color and size for your t-shirt. If you don’t have a credit card or debit card, that’s OK. You can get […]

Radio Show – Springfield Rescue Mission

Hello all – The Resurrection Center along with the Springfield Rescue Mission will be featured on EPN News on radio. Beginning this Sunday, the Resurrection Center will be doing a food drive. Bring in your cans. Put them in your car now so you don’t forget. We are blessed to have food on the table […]