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Don’t Forget !

Wednesdays meetings are now at 1597 Allen Street, Springfield at 6:45PM.   The calendar has the address for this coming Friday night (December 28).     Enjoy this Christmas message (audio) ~ David Ewen, Resurrection Center

Christmas Message

Hello all,   Join us Sunday at 4:00 for our pre-Christmas service at 1597 Allen Street, Springfield, MA.   Enjoy my Christmas radio message:   The radio shows for Resurrection Center and Your World Discovered are on iTunes and the TuneIn app for your cell phone and tablet computer.   ~ David Ewen

Resurrecti​on Center featured in Laugh Medicine 2

The Resurrection Center is featured in the very funny comedy film Laugh Medicine 2. Here is the link to the 15 minute movie. Let me know what you think. ~ David Ewen, Resurrection Center 

News and Notes

It’s been a busy month, so I thought it a good idea to keep everyone up to date. The United States Marine Corp called me last week to thank everyone who contributed to the Toys For Tots toy drive. A new Discipleship Class begins soon.   The twelve-week course begins Wednesday, January 16 – all […]

You know you want more. Yes you do

My goal with the Springfield Community Festival was to bring new people to the Resurrection Center to see the fun, joy, and excitement we have when praising Jesus. Mission Accomplished. There was laughter, singing, lot’s of eating, and people meeting new friends. I truly enjoyed seeing the smiles and hearing the laughter and conversaton. Yes, […]

Prayers for Connecticut – Sandy Hook Elementary School – Newtown, CT

oday our thoughts are with the families affected by the tragic events Sandy Hook Elementary School located in Newtown in our neighboring state of Connecticut.   NBC News and The Associated Press are reporting 26-27 dead with at least 18 children. (numbers may change).  Connecticut Governor received a call from the President Obama.  LIVE VIDEO at […]

Last Sunday

Hello everyone, Before we get to the service from last Sunday, I just wanted to say thanks to all who contributed to the Toys For Tots donation. I’ll be hauling all donations to the Channel 22, WWLP News studio today from 9am-10am. Join us on Sunday, December 16 (seating at 3:30) for the Springfield Community […]

Thank You & More Updates

Thank you to those who contributed to toy drive for the Toys For Tots campaign supporting children in need this Christmas season.  Attached is the recording of the radio show that includes the Resurrection Center participation in the program and reason for support.  (The show can also be found here:   On Monday, December […]

Coming in one week

Coming in one week

December 5 Radio Show:

Listen to our latest radio show December 5 Radio Show: