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Are you bluffing?

No, I’m not bluffing.   It’s really true.   If you go to the Republican Newspaper’s Neighborhood Plus section and go to page NP5 (page 5), you’ll see the printed ad for the Resurrection Center.   Oh, yes, did I also mention that if you have Comcast service, you’ll see our two ads on Channel 12 […]

Are you kidding?

Are you kidding?  No, it’s true.  So much happened yesterday and more this week. Pastor Enrique Roman visited the Resurrection Center and gave the Word. A great group of musical talent came along with Pastor Enrique Roman This coming Wednesday and Sunday, check out our ad in the Republican Newspaper and this […]

Let everyone know that we have a special guest and holding our potluck this Sunday.  A lot of exciting things will be happening and it all starts at 4:00 PM at 1597 Allen Street in Springfield.   And the following Wednesday, join our Discipleship class with Sister Haabiba Whitney.  Learn more by going to: and […]

January 20 video and pot luck

Here is the January 20th video.  Don’t forget that this Sunday, January 27th is the pot-luck following the service!      ~ David Ewen

Free album – Living The Good Life

Free album – “Living The Good Life” –

Peace & Comfort In A Busy World

It’s true, we can find peace and comfort in a busy world.   The best way is through scripture and listening to Your World Discovered on your cell phone, tablet computer, and laptop.   Listen and be with God.  Matthew 18:20 says “Whenever two or three of you come together in my name, I am there with you.” […]

Daniel Fast (21 Day Fast)

On Wednesday, January 2nd, Pastor Jose Martinez talked about the 21 day Daniel Fast.   Details of this Fasting are on the Resources tab on our web site: ~ David Ewen, Resurrection Center

Tell me it ain’t so – Really?

Tell me it ain’t so – Casting call, Success Stories, 7 steps It’s all explained on radio: Catch up on what you missed by checking out our blog entries at  Did you miss “Living The Good Life”?  Catch up on all seven episodes on Have you seen our web site lately? […]

Miracle Highway To Heaven With Jesus

God bless you all and happy new year !Let’s start the year with a testimony to encourage future victories in God’s kingdom.   This is a true story of a miracle that happened to me in August of 2012.  On this radio show, I read will read my short book “Miracle Highway To Heaven With Jesus”.  You’ll hear […]

Living The Good Life / Casting Call

God bless you all and happy new year. I have two wonderful blessings to share with you.  (I am so excited that I have the giggles) Did you miss “Living The Good Life” on Your World Discovered? You can catch all episodes of Your World Discovered here:  Oh … yes … almost forgot … and by the […]