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Part 2: All Things Are Possible

Here is part 2:  Listen to the new episode All Things Are Possible (Part 2) at From 11 AM to 2 PM you can call (413) 442-1009 to reserve your room or cabin for a one night stay from June 8 to June 9th for the revival retreat “Awakening Of The Heart”.   We’ll be at […]

Anything Is Possible – Part 1

Today’s radio LIVE radio broadcast is now available.    You’ll hear announcements and the premier of the series “Anything Is Possible”.  Click on the link: David Ewen

It’s coming – special announcement

(1) Don’t miss our epic anniversary event during our service on Sunday, May 5th. It will touch your heart and open you to the future God intended for you.  Seating is at 4:00 PM.   Bring friends to 1597 Allen Street, Springfield, MA.    (2) Do you want to be more aware of God’s purpose for you?  Yes, you do. […]

Discipleship Class

Sister Haabiba Whitney Talks About Her Discipleship Class on Your World Discovered with David Ewen

How come I didn’t know that?

On Friday, April 5 at 10AM, Haabiba Whitney will be talking on radio about the progress of her students in her Discipleship Class.   You can hear it live or after it airs on your cell phone.    The show is called Your World Discovered.   Listen to all previously aired episodes on your cell phone, […]

Awakening Of The Heart

If you are ready to change your life, then look at the attached flyer.   Share it with others.  Don’t miss the opportunity for healing, success, revelation, joy, and accomplishment. You are invited to reserve your spot.   Look below and also the attached.   Let others know what they might be missing if they don’t reserve […]

Ignore this blog and then you’ll miss a lot

Why miss all the news?  If you read one sentence, then you’ll miss what follows.   Here you will find the answers to the questions people have been asking.  You can check out what you’ve already missed by checking out our blog at  There is also a lot more on our facebook page.  Check […]