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Space Travel for Resurrection Center

Here is a high tech fundraiser for Springfield, MA to support the development of a Resource Center for the Resurrection Center in Springfield.    This effort is run by a 501(c)(3) organization and is volunteer based. The project proposed is a teaching model giving Life-Learning instruction to: (1) Discipline to long term goals (2) Achieve […]

Saturday, June 22, 2013

God bless you, Last year’s production of “Jesus: A True Christmas Story” was a big hit on Amazon’s DVD and online streaming sales.   It was an unadvertised movie that did relatively well.   Members of two churches including the Resurrection Center participated in the filming. This email is additional notification to make sure everyone […]

June 16 Newsletter

Our June 16 Newsletter

Pastor Melly on today’s show:

Pastor Melly on today’s show:

Apostle – Covering For the Resurrection Center

God bless you, The covering of the Resurrection Center is “Marcando La Diferencia Ministry”  (Making The Difference Ministry”.    You can learn more about our covering by going to their website.    Recently 182 photos and two radio shows were added.   The website is: David Ewen

Apostle On Radio

Our Apostle is on radio with more shows to come. You can listen to two shows here:  David Ewen

Preview of Very First Revival Retreat “Awakening Of The Heart”

God bless you all, The Resurrection Center is conducting its very first revival retreat ever !    Right here you can listen to an abbreviated preview.    The event has lot’s of interactive activities that will stretch, grow, and challenge participants.    Click on the link to enjoy.    You can also download the […]

Apostle Presents with Apostle Lourdes Narvaez

Here is our first segment “Apostle Presents” with Apostle Lourdes Narvaez.  Click link below. You can also get this message on CD or MP3 download from Click link below.

Power of Prayer

Did you ever wonder about the answers to your prayer?   Have you asked for a better understanding?  Check out the video from Sunday’s service at our website and click the TV tab  Pastor Melly Martinez is on the radio every Friday.  Bring her shows where ever you go on your cell phone and […]