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Looking back at 2013 at Resurrection Center

Here’s a look back at an incredible year at the Resurrection Center. #Jesus #newyear #NewYearResolution 

Year End Review of 2013

A year ago, we ended 2012 with the Springfield Community Festival and  Pastor Jose  announcing  what was to be our next big venture in Evangelism called Operation Lost.  It was a Word of commitment toward growth and that Word came to pass with true success. The year started with a teaching and learning of the […]

Message From: Pastors and Leaders of Resurrecton Center

As the Christmas Day comes upon us and the end of the year quickly approaches, the Pastors and Leaders of the Resurrection Center wanted to reach out and say how much they have loved being with you this past year.  Please enjoy our small gift CLICK HERE  Schedule for next few days: Friday, Dec 27 – […]

Apostle’s visit to Springfield

The Apostle spoke at the Resurrection Center in Springfield on Wednesday, December 18, 2013.   An audio recording can be downloaded from the link below. David Ewen

MOVIE: Christmas As Told From The Bible

See links below that includes this year’s Christmas movie.  Please forward and share. I am honored to have worked closely with the Resurrection Center pastors, leaders, and members to produce this year’s Christmas movie – “Christmas As Told From The Bible“.    It was filmed the day before the first day of Summer and many months […]

Newsletter – December 1, 2013