About Us

Resurrection-Center-LionThe Resurrection Center goes far beyond the typical Christian Center. In addition to being a church, it is a true support facility run by Christians to give a helping hand with food, shelter, education, and crisis matters. Too often, good people of Springfield need help but don’t know where to turn. The confidence and knowledge of the leaders and skilled volunteers as well brings about resolutions to problems for anyone who chooses to walk through its doors. The Resurrection Center provides a comforting safe environment for healing. In addition, troubled are educated and given direction to help focus on a more positive future. The center provides special entertainment activities to look forward to that reinforces a positive outlook. The outcome of the work of the Resurrection Center makes Springfield a better place to live.

The Resurrectoin Center is covered by the Apostle from Marcando La Diferencia Ministries http://www.marcandoladiferenciaministry.com/