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Office and Microsoft Products

Many people have been asking where they can go online to learn about Office and Microsoft products for free.  Well, Microsoft has their own online training.   It makes sense.  The more people know about the product, the easier it is to sell.  This is one of the ways it has become a workplace standard.   Click […]

Going through a change? Here’s a Checklist to help

Are you going through a transition or change?   Here is a checklist that may help provide resources: Transitional Change Checklist Climate Controlled Storage & Moving Trucks 499 Montgomery St Chicopee, MA 01020 (413) 535-3037 Temporary or Permanent Housing (MLS service) Cable & Utilities & (compare elec rates) […]

Celebrate with today’s 3rd Anniversary

Celebrate with today’s 3rd Anniversary  

Hey! Check out the middle of May

The middle of May has a lot of things going on.   On Friday, May 15, we celebrate “A Night of Hope” with area churches visiting the Resurrection Center.  On Sunday, May 17, we celebrate our 3rd year with a special anniversary celebration.   Below is information about both events.  

A Night of Hope on May 15 at 6:30 PM at Resurrection Center 1597 Allen St.
Day Light Savings Time

Day light savings times begins on Sunday, March 8 at 2:00 AM.  This means you will have one hour less of sleep.  This is a good time to change batteries in smoke detectors and wall clocks.  Any network connected devices will have their times changed automatically.

March 1, 2015 – Pastor Jose – The State of the Church
Daniel Fast (Complete Information)

Daniel Fast  Daniel 10:2-3 & 17-19 The Daniel Fast provides a unique opportunity for you to draw near to the Lord through prayer and fasting. May the Lord bless you richly as you hunger for Him!  There are two anchoring scriptures for the Daniel Fast. In Daniel 1 the Prophet ate only vegetables (that would […]

Happy New Year

The Pastors would like to take this opportunity to give warm thanks to your love and companionship that you have made to the family of the Resurrection Center.  They give blessings to you, your family, and friends. To hear a summary of accomplishments from 2014.   Go here: KEEP UP TO DATE & INFORMED: This […]

Coming in June 2014