Cling to the Father in Heaven.

Let us cling to the Father in Heaven who will guard us and protect us through all situations! God is all powerful! Stay positive and encouraged through this blessed day we have today. We are children of God! He loves us soo much and He wants only the best for His children. Lets seek God […]


Blessings on this WONDERFUL Wednesday!!!!! ☺️ Praise the Lord for another opportunity to open our eyes today and see another day!! The sun is shining bright this morning and I pray for Gods glory to be sufficient enough in your lives today. Nothing can stop you today from achieving what you want to achieve. Nothing […]

It’s a new day!

Blessings children of God. This is a new day!! We have this fresh breathe of life on this beautiful Wednesday!!Lets continue to move forward in what God has planned for us today. God has this wonderful and spectacular plan for each of our lives, it’s such a beautiful layout that cannot be touched by anyone […]

Seek and you shall find

Blessings all! God has planted us in good soil with the best seed inside of us. With rain and storms we will grow and gain the strength to overcome obstacles in life that we may face. Lets remain rooted in the good soil God has planted us in and stay connected to the Abba Father […]

Freedom today!

Blessings!! What a blessing and beautiful day today is and is going to be!! Our attitudes and the outlook we have on this day will determine the outcome of this day. God is so great that He already has our day planned out perfectly for us. He wants us to see the bad situations as […]


Shalom my brothers and sisters, many blessings to you all on this beautiful new day! Did you know that God has created us to be a lighthouse to the world? Yes that’s right, we all have a light inside of us that God has ignited for us to shine to the world! We are all […]

Glory to the Risen King

Good morning wonderful people! Glory to the Risen King for this precious and blessed day!! God is the way, truth and the light. Let God be God in your lives today and let Him take care of your problems and needs. Give God the steering wheel to your lives and stay consumed in His peaceful […]


Blessings!!!! Praise God for another day of life and for the everlasting love that He has poured out over each one of our lives on this glorious day! You are worthy in Gods eyes and He loves us all soo much. May your night be blessed and prosperous in Jesus name! Keep moving forward into […]

Cherishing Others

Cherishing the precious moments with family, friends, and brothers and sisters who walk side by side with you in the faith is very valuable. God puts people in our lives to be a blessing or a lesson. Praise be to God for the ones who stood by our side through this walk of life we […]

Refreshed by God

Blessings all! Let’s be refreshed through the goodness, grace and mercy of God. Let’s declare this day blessed! We will not be shaken by things as long as we stay on the right path, which is Gods path for our lives. Despite what is going on or happening in our own lives and in this […]