• Your kidding! Right? Say it isn’t so.

You mean we have all this news?  Really?

The baptism at the Resurrection Center on August 17, 2013 will be aired on TV. Here is what people will see http://youtu.be/EJ-LNqe0oH4
Children give the inspiration for our future.  Take a look: http://youtu.be/JNNxGF4iGf4
Shirts for the Riverfront cleanup on August 31 (10AM) can be found on teh poroducts tab on our website  (www.ResurrectionSpringfield.org).   If you have a shirt from last year, don’t forget to wear it.
The video from last Sunday’s service is on our website by clicking the TV tab.   Catch up on all of our videos.   
Thursday is the men’s meeting at Red Rose and Friday is the woman’s meeting at the Pastor’s house.
God bless you all,
David Ewen

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